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-We have more than two decades of experience hosting weddings,
corporate events, milestone parties and fund raising events.
-We have optional linen service package for special events.

Do you rent out your banquet room?
No, our restaurant is a full serve restaurant that will allow room use only with food purchase.

Do you require a deposit for reservations?
This depends on the size of your event. For smaller parties under 20 people, this shouldn't be necessary. For larger parties a deposit is required to hold the date. The deposit will be applied toward food cost during event. The amount of deposit also depends on the size of your party. Large weddings requiring us to block out an entire Saturday night for your event, will require larger deposit than a small baby baptism party. Deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.

I want to talk to someone, who should I call and when?
Best time to call is between the hours of 2:30 and 6, before and after our lunch/dinner rush.

What if I don't have a huge food budget for fancy foods?
As a Chinese restaurant with a lot of space and a huge menu, we can usually work with you to find a menu to fit your budget if you are flexible on the date of your event.

Can we bring our own beer and/or wine?
You can bring your own wine, but a $10 corkage fee will be applied to the bill and beer must be purchased from restaurant.

I want to have a wedding at your place, how much is it going to cost me?
Our wedding menu runs between $388 to $548 per table, each table is set for 10 people.

Why is your wedding menu so much more expensive than your family dinner menu?
Weddings have a lot of hidden cost compared to a quick family dinner. Some might include closing out banquet room at 4, rearranging room completely, bringing in appropriate tables and chairs for party, clearing tables after meal for dancing, and bringing tables back in after party leaves. Weddings also tend to run late so we have to keep a large crew of people around after our closing hours. Depending on the size of your party, we may even turn away all business for the night.

Can we have a band at our party?
For large weddings, we already assume there will be a band/karaoke of some sort. For smaller parties, please let us know upfront if you plan on hiring a band or karaoke service. We will do our best to accomodate you, but if there are other events in the same room, we might not be in the position to okay it.

Can you cater food to a place of my choosing?
Yes, we can.

What time can we party until?
We close at 10, most events tend to end by then. Weddings tend to run until midnight. Beyond those hours, we can keep the place open for an additional $200 per hour.

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